Design Services

After many requests for help with styling, I'm now offering e-design services! I would love to help with your next project, be it a simple room refresh or adding a personal touch to an entire house. 

What is E-Design?

E-Design is an online design service that gives you a custom interior design plan from an experienced professional. Based on your style and budget, you'll receive specific recommendations for layout, furnishings, fixtures, and accessories, in the form of a digital design board and shopping list.

Interior E-Design Services from The Printed Home

What Are The Benefits of E-Design?

A Designer Does the Legwork for You

Once we've discussed your project in detail, I search high and low for pieces that will work really well in your space. I check sizes, prices, materials, and make sure items are in stock. And I consider your style, your budget, and lifestyle (maybe you have pets and/or young kids), so that when it comes to ordering, you can feel confident knowing that your one-of-a-kind space will be both functional and beautiful.

It's Convenient

With e-design, it's all done remotely. There's no need to schedule an appointment, be home at a particular time, or make sure everything looks 'perfect' for visits. We communicate via email, and if you like, over the phone. Once your custom design is complete, it’s in your hands. You'll receive an itemized shopping list so you can order and install items in your own time.

It's Affordable!

Hiring a designer in person can become really expensive. When working with me online, you get the expertise of an educated design professional in THE MOST affordable way! The pricing is clear - once you pay for your e-design package, we discuss your project in detail, then I get to work and come back with a custom design. No surprises or hidden fees.

What Do I Receive With an E-Design?

I have two e-design packages available based on project size. Take a look at the deliverables to see which one suits your needs. Design services by the hour are also available for $75/hr.


*You'll be directed to PayPal to checkout. By purchasing an e-design package, you agree to the Terms of Service.

Once you've purchased your e-design package, you'll be asked to share some details about your project so we can get started!